Manifest is the name of a student initiative born one December evening in 2008 with a desire toward the awakening of a sleeping giant: the university students in Bucharest.

What would happen if students changed the way in which they use their time and would dedicate a part of their energy to helping people in need and for building a community based on values not on personal interests? We believe that this is God’s desire for us and we want to encourage ourselves and others to do the same.This is why we meet: to discover who we are as we ask questions and to search for the true meaning of life.

We have organised many events for the students including

  • A jazz soiree
  • Lunches with students
  • Picnics
  • Christmas parties
  • Beginning of school year parties
  • 7 lesson study about fake gods
  • Humanitarian projects that involved building
  • Collective blood donations
  • We raised and donated food for seniors
  • We raised and donated toys for children with cancer
  • Weekly sports activities (football, volleyball)

What we have achieved

  • We challenged over 350 young people to discover the meaning of life and to take responsibility for their lives, basing them on biblical values
  • We shared the message of salvation with approximately 200 young people
  • We created better opportunity for relationships between the young people in church
  • We encouraged the young people to become more involved in church
  • We gave an alternative to the blasé attitude of daily life
  • We created a community group that is willing to grow and develop