We regret that during this season of COVID-19, in-person children's ministry is suspended

For many of us, children are the most precious beings in our lives. Their future depends on the investment that we make in their lives. Our values and beliefs are the roots that guide our lives by influencing our decisions and choices. The teachings that we pass along to our children and that we implement through various methods determine the way they will respond when faced with different situations in their own lives in the future.

That is why, as a church, we show interest and use a variety of resources in order to educate and care for the children in our community. To do that, we have gifted people who use their abilities and organise special gatherings for the little ones. They desire to take advantage of these early, formative years to offer them a healthy perspective. While you are participating in the service on Sunday mornings, your children are also receiving a message of hope at their level of understanding. We do not wish to replace or substitute the education, love and example that you offer but we want to support you in this endeavour and to become friends.

We have at our disposal two rooms, specially equipped, for the development of our activities: one for preschoolers and one for children between ages 7 and 12. The little ones can enjoy a place decorated to capture their attention, they can play games that test their abilities, their creativity, and team work. The older ones mix games and different fun activities with a Bible message transmitted in words that are understandable to children. During Christmas and Easter the children prepare a special program that includes songs, poems and the sharing of materials that they have created.

Every Sunday we have between 8 and 10 children in each age category. We expect more children in the near future as many new babies have recently been birthed into the church family.

We’ll be waiting for you!