There are many people in our community that are in this age group (20-40+). Some of them are finishing their studies and professional training while many others are developing their careers in various fields. We seek to be intentional in providing contexts and opportunities for young adults and singles to interact with each other in friendly and spiritually oriented atmospheres. Periodically we organize Friday night meetings, city outings, sport events or mountain trips for young adults.

The working environment presents many challenges and goals that often are imposed on our lives. We meet because, in our attempt to succeed, we often lose sight of the essential things in life. Living does not only mean being successful and our value does not come from our professional achievements, from what others say about us or from success in our relationships. Do not misunderstand, we want to have success but we want to have a balance in our life and listen to the right voices.

We meet with the purpose of sharing our personal experiences, our successes and failures, to deepen our relationship with God and to find new resources to fulfill His calling in our lives in the difficult circumstances and various demands that we face. When we come together we want to disconnect from routine and stress and to connect with each others, our inner selves and the word of God. This way we wish to grow in authenticity, relevance for the contexts in which God has placed us, to be appreciated by the people who are important in our lives and to bring fruit for the Kingdom of God. Above all, we want excellence and success in the things that matter most and this way become “salt and light” to those that we interact with in the various aspects of life.

If you want to be updated on the activities or events for “young adults” please speak to one of the leadership team on Sundays/Wednesdays or contact us.